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If you’ve taken the Art of Living program, this is your app for daily guided sadhana. Trusted by more than 75,000 seekers around the globe, Abhyaasa is the best way for you to do your daily sadhana in your favourite teacher’s voice at your own time and pace.

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Daily Sadhana Made Easy.

Sudarshan Kriya. Asana. Pranayama. Padma Sadhana. Chantings. Meditations. Knowledge Series. Abhyaasa comes preloaded with everything you need to do your daily sadhana. Create your playlists with them, in your favourite teacher’s voice and play them whenever, wherever.

Customise Your Sadhana, Your Way.

We are all absolutely unique and our sadhana should reflect who we are. 
Prefer 6-6-4 counts instead of 8-8-6 in pranayama? Done.  Want to play Devi Kavacham after Kriya? Easy.  Padm Sadhana to be rushed sometimes? Sure.
Just tell Abhyaasa, what you want and it will create tailor-made playlists for you.

Refreshingly Simpler. Instantly Familiar.

The latest version of Abhyaasa is our most ambitious version. Solid, stable and super simple to use. Give it a shot.

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Loved by the Best of the Yogis out there.

"Melodious. Sublime. Ethereal.
Profound. Exhilarating.
That's Abhyaasa!"

- Rishi Nitya Pragya

"After 20 years of practising Sudarshan Kriya, I switched to Abhyaasa. And that was the best thing to have happened to my practice."

- Dinesh Ghodke

"I made this app specially for you. Will you use it?"

- Dinesh Kashikar

Make it yours. Today. For free.

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